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VIADO TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED is a top-level technology company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with Mother Company in London United Kingdom.

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ICT Infrastructure

Data Centre, Power BackUp, Network Management & Monitoring

ICT Security

VPN, End Point and Mobile devices Security, IDS/IPS, AntiVirus, AntiMalware, DLP


Servers, Replication, BackUp, Storage, PCs and Thin Clients

Advanced Network Services

Unified Communication, Video Conferencing and Teleprescence, Enterprise Application Acceleration and Content Filtering,

Enterprise Business Software

SAGE, ERP, GIS, HRM, and other Customized Solution

BackOffice Software

OS (Windows/Linux/Unix), Virtualization (VMWare, Hyper-V), Groupware (E-mail & Collaboration), Sysaid Helpdesk service, Document Management, Veeam Backup

CCTV/IP Camera Solution

Public Address System Solutions

Enterprise Structured Office Cabling

Access Control System


WAN, Internet


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Managed Services; NOC, Helpdesk and Service Desk,

Support & Maintenance

Onsite, Remote & Offsite Support, Training & Manpower Development.

Ourdoor and LED Fabrication and Installation


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VTL delivers cost-saving power systems to the telecoms and other sectors to help reduce the overall “operational running costs”. Our solutions are designed with the understanding of cost, power, and logistical nightmares in mind. The reduction in cost is usually achieved by decreasing the maintenance requirements of the systems, increasing the service intervals, decreasing the amount of fuel used, and giving the customer an automated system that enables them to have full real-time remote visibility at any time.

Our solutions are ideal for running BTS sites, hub sites, Microwave sites, Satellite sites, IT systems, or general power systems within built-up areas or remote locations where low maintenance and cost savings are required.

Power Solutions include:

  • Phase Sequence Corrector
  • Automatic Mains Failure Panel
  • Remote Monitoring
  • DC Power Solutions
  • Alternative Energy
  • AC Control and Monitoring Systems

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VTL brings strong, diversified experience to the operations and maintenance (O&M) of ICT Infrastructure facilities, systems and equipment. VTL is an integrated maintenance service company in the Nigerian telecommunications sector. We have extensive experience in all key areas of network management in the Nigerian business environment. We understand and appreciate that achieving 100% network availability is the ultimate way of assuring revenue.

Some benefits of our service offering are:

  • Cheaper maintenance cost
  • High service quality from a single point responsibility for Service Level Agreement
  • Universal and measurable service standard for various specialist disciplines
  • Unified billing for various services thereby controlling OpEX cost
  • Some CapEX for site improvements that reduces our clients OPEX will be borne by us e.g
    • Alternative power systems, Connection to PHCN
    • Our clients benefit from economics of scales for OpEX reduction


We offer wired carriers and wireless operators complete management and engineering services for turnkey delivery of site build projects nationwide, and provide special expertise in infrastructure development. Our active presence throughout Nigeria combined with our local knowledge helps cut through potential delays to bring projects to successful and timely completion.

Other services provided by us are:

  • Connection to Nation Grid
  • Provision of access roads
  • Baby-sitting of critical BTS sites
  • Baby-sitting of Microwave sites


Our Alternative Power Solutions are designed to maximize the use of cheaper cleaner sources of power for critical infrastructure like streetlights, security lights and traffic control lights.

Our solutions are designed to achieve maximum output and minimum operating costs. These alternative power solutions are designed to take advantage of our various cost cutting power solutions through extensive research and development efforts.


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  • Wetherheads Advertising Group
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